This fic's for 'the Strategist' who asked me to write a story about Eevee or its evolved forms.

BTW, if anyone else wants me to write about a certain thing, please ask, it helps me get inspired. ^_^;;

by Leto

I think I'm one of the only Eevee still living in the wild. That's what my mother told me, and she told me I have to be very careful if there are going to be future generations of us. So I avoid trainers.

It's not only that, however. I'll admit it, I'm actually scared of being caught. Well, not of being caught, but of what always seems to follow...

Eevee are not like other Pokemon. My mother told me and my family that. But I could see it for myself. I saw other wild Pokemon fighting each other, becoming stronger, and then evolving. Then they'd stay happily, knowing that they'd reached who they were meant to become.

My mother is a Flareon now. My brothers are both Jolteon and my sister a Vaporeon.

It's little wonder I'm confused. Where other Pokemon feel something deep inside them that is not them, letting them know what they should and will become... I don't feel anything. Except confusion.

How, how could I possibly choose? A Vaporeon... I've always wanted to be able to swim better. A Jolteon... nobody would dare double cross a Jolteon, with its mean defense... A Flareon... like my mother.

But all I feel is me.

You can't choose. It's like choosing a whole new future and personality.


"Don't worry Eevee," said the boy cheerfully to his new pet. "I'm not a bad trainer. I'll let YOU decide what you wanna evolve into!"

The Eevee looked at him blankly, and then at the three stones on the table.

"Well, come on!"

"Vui." (I can't.)

His trainer didn't understand. "Pick one or I'll pick for you."

The Eevee closed its eyes and stepped forward, trusting its fate to blind luck.

It stepped on all three stones. They went dark... signifying they were usable no more.

But nothing happened. Eevee stayed as it was.

"What a waste of money!" yelped the boy, "you didn't evolve?"


I made the right choice. This is who I am and I can be no-one else.

But, as with all Eevee, I'll be left wondering what I could've been....

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